March 15, 2010

Gross Anatomy: Lance Gross -- -- March 2010

As a promising young actor dripping with sexiness, we’d say get forward to seeing a lot more of Lance Gross, especially on the big screen. Better known as Calvin on Tyler Perry’s House of Payne, Lance has already won the hearts of many with his humble demeanor and his seemingly wholesome image. He just received his third NAACP award for outstanding supporting actor in a comedy series, and now Gross is reaching even more hearts in Our Family Wedding.

Starring opposite to America Ferrera, Forest Whitaker and Carlos Mencia, Lance plays Marcus Boyd, a striking piece of man-goodness engaged to Lucia (Ferrrera). The hilariously comical culture clash between their families makes it harder for them to get married than they anticipated.

Honey asks Gross about his budding career, his penchant for tweeting his horoscope and why real-life Our Family Wedding moments aren’t an issue in his engagement to Eva Marcille.

Honey Magazine: So, you studied acting at Howard University. Is that when acting began for you?
Lance Gross: I always knew I wanted to do it. Ever since I was a kid I was always fascinated with how actors could bring characters to life and how actors play different characters. I was always intrigued by Jack Nicholson and Sean Penn and Denzel Washington, people like that, but I grew up as a very shy kid, so I had to break out of that shyness. It really didn’t happen for me until college. So that was definitely when I made the decision that this is something I do want to pursue.

How did college help you break out?
It was just more about me being on my own and me being independent. I was kind of forced to interact with people, so that was an easy way to break me out of it. I went to school on a full track and field scholarship. Going into college, I wanted to major in theater, but my coach told me I would have to pick one of the two, either major in theater or run track [because of conflicting schedules]. Of course I chose to have school paid for and run track, but all through college I felt like I made the wrong choice. That’s when I decided to minor in acting, and then when I graduated I was going to give up track and pursue my dream of acting.

If given the chance, what would be your ideal role to play?
I would love to play Midnight from The Coldest Winter Ever by Sister Souljah. If that is ever made into a film, that is the character I would love to play.
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