June 19, 2008

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They’re living the life of luxury and you’re invited...

Champagne. Shrimp. Lobster tails. House party?

In the world of Dave and Ray, that would be a “yes.”

“People couldn’t believe we went to that level of extreme to make sure we built an atmosphere,” said David “Dave” Chandler, 26, of their very first event a house party thrown for friends and family back in 2003. “[Ray and I have] always had a taste for upscale entertainment.”

After Dave met Ray Hamilton, Jr., 28, through a mutual friend at Ray’s graduation party, they’ve been best friends and business partners ever since. Specializing in entertainment, marketing and event planning and promotions, these “lifestyle coordinators” (don’t call them just party promoters) strive for the beautiful, opulent and luxurious in life and bring those concepts to nightlife with Dave and Ray Ent.

Some people who know Dave, a native of the D.C. area, and Ray, who hails from Pittsburgh, might think them an odd pair, but their differences are what work for them. “Different personalities, but we live by the same principals,” said Dave. “The commonality is the pursuit of genuine luxury entertainment and beautiful attitudes,” he added. Their slogan: It’s a lifestyle.

“When you come to a Dave and Ray event, you feel like you are a star,” said Dave. “One of the key components to our start is that any party can be music, alcohol and people. But I think there are little details that you add to a party to make it a successful event. And that’s what we pride ourselves on,” Ray said.

Others are able to partake in this lifestyle at Pandora Thursday’s at Park, one of their many events, but only select others. This is a member’s only party, so if you ain’t on the list, you ain’t getting in.

Another branch of Dave & Ray Ent. is 1693 Luxury Entertainment Group, named for the year Dom Perignon invented the world’s first and most luxurious champagne. Every four to six weeks, 1693, who along with Dave & Ray is comprised of TEAMBBC, IDC, and Talk of DC, put together a one-of-a-kind events that bring out people, from congressmen to NBA draft picks, dressed to the T to the swanky Todd English’s Olives on K Street.

“A lot of people take time for granted and we want the time that you spend at one of our events to feel as if you experienced something. After leaving, you wish it hadn’t been over and that you could get stuck in that moment. It’s something akin to an art aficionado walking through an art gallery and losing track of time. That’s what we want it to be for nightlife entertainment. Where you’re here and you are engrossed and time stands still. [Pause.] That’s going to be our next party,” said Dave. History in the making.

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