February 13, 2008

VibeVixen.com -- May 2007

Peña Coolada

by: Jan Lee

You have three cookouts to roll through on Memorial Day weekend and you need to look especially fly.

Your outfits are still in shopping bags in your closet and now you need the perfect accessories to set them off. Look no further than the adorable adornments by Erika Peña for your outfit upgrade.

For her Spring/Summer Kika collection, Peña (who has custom-designed jewelry for Nicole Richie) used lightweight lucite coupled with beads, charms, vintage pieces and even gold vermeil chains for punky effect. Her jewelry designs aren't just gorgeous and trendy — they reflect her carefree Puerto Rican roots and edgy New York lifestyle and often incorporate religious figures and good luck charms.

If you're a baller on a budget, go for the Lucite pieces so you can rock the same one with all your looks. If your boo is treating, go ahead and grab one in every color. To care for your precious pieces, make sure to store them in a dry, cool jewelry box. If you stash it on your dashboard, the cute little owl on your Amparo necklace ($45) might end up looking like road kill. FYI: Lucite melts. If you have a larger Lucite piece, be careful to protect it from scratches because Lucite is relatively soft and unforgiving of rough surfaces.

Check out the entire collection at ErikaPeña.com and get some of your favorite pieces at shopintuition.com.

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