December 16, 2007 -- Beauty

Makeup Tips

Have A Pink Spring

By Jan Lee

Think pink this spring, girls. The classic girly color has been featured everywhere, in every shade as the color of the upcoming season. We’ve compiled our hit-list for pink products this spring. You don’t need to wear the pink products all at the same time and don’t be afraid to experiment with different shades of pink on your beautiful palette.

To keep your lips moisturized and soft, try Realbeauty Inside and Out Flavor Blast Lip Balm in Very Berry available at Bath and Body Works. For shine and color, apply Shiny-licious lip gloss over the balm in any of these pinkalicious flavors: Berry-Bella, Strawberry Tart, or Lolly- Pink. Shiny-licious gives you fabulous shine, plus flavor. Also, using lip balm under lip gloss or color reduces stickiness and keeps your lips moisturized longer.

For your cheeks, brush on Jane Iredale PurePressed Blush. Use Whisper, a deep pink, for darker skin and Cotton Candy, a light rose, for fairer skin. These two pink shimmer shades will add the right kind of shine to your face. Jane Iredale makes mineral cosmetics, which are great for your skin because they won’t clog your pores, plus they have built in SPF and they’re water resistant.

For nails that will stop traffic, try a hot pink like L'Oreal Paris Bijou Nail Color in B. Dynamic. This new, super-shiny nail color works best with a base and top coat.

If you are one-stop shopping kind-of-girl, head to your nearest Benefit counter and ask for the Hopelessly Devoted to Pink! Palette. The palette includes three cute eye shadows and three luscious lip creams in different shades of pink that you can mix-n-match to make many different looks.


Hair Dos

Your Hair’s Newest Friend: the Headband

By Jan Lee

Tired of your current hairdo, but don’t want to go for a drastic cut? Accessorizing can be a perfect solution. And why not start with the hot hair accessory for the spring - The headband! They come in tons of different styles and colors. But here are the five hottest styles now. And if you’re on a budget try turning some of these into a DIY.

The Skinny Headband
The skinny headband gives you and your hairdo a clean, sophisticated look. Wear it with your hair out or pulled back in a bun or ponytail.

The Two-banded Headband
You can pull this look off in two ways: you can double up on the skinny headband, wearing two at one time, or look for double banded headbands in stores. If plastic headbands give you a headache by the end of the day, use elastic headbands for a trendy athletic look.

The Fabric Headband
You can definitely find these cute headbands at your local beauty or accessories store! You can get this look with just a scarf by folding it to the desired width and then tying it with a knot at the base of your skull. If you need more structure to keep the scarf from falling off, wrap it around a think headband to keep it in place.

The Retro Headband
Take a step back in time and rock a thick plastic headband reminiscent of the 60s in a bright, primary color. If you are daring, go for a bold pattern and wear with free-flowing, textured hair.

The Chain Headband
Either a plain chain or a chain on fabric headband will turn “plain Jane” into a rock star. If you are feeling crafty, affix an old necklace onto a strip of fabric or an old headband; just make sure to use glue that will dry clear

Published:, March 2007